I am a County Durham based photographer. I have an eye for details and the passion to capture that perfect shot. 

I have been in love with photography since the age of 9 when I was bought my first camera. Since then it has followed me in both my personal and professional life. 

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Exploring the World as a 9 year old is exciting, but with a camera it is even better. 

Throughout my education I kept a personal interest in photography attempting to keep up with the latest technology, which in the end I discovered was fruitless. 

Studying Broadcast and Multimedia at University of Sunderland not only gave me a creative environment to work in, but helped develop the knowledge of photography and video equipment, 

I began work at a National Portrait Brand where I spent time as a Digital Artist quickly moving onto the management of the Digital Team. It was here that my passion for session photography blossomed and I took on the role of a portrait photographer. During this time i saw how valuable images of family were and how much they were still treasured in this fast moving World. 

I became a mother for the first time in 2012, which confirmed how important those special moments are. It has reached the point where my family are no longer fazed by having a camera pointed at them. 

Whether it is a corporate event, your special day or a family event, I am sure i can help you capture those special moments. 

Team Members


Chris Nisbet

PR and Marketing

Chris is the one who makes everything technical work, ensuring people know of our services.

He is my biggest fan, but also my biggest critic, looking over and proofing images in post production.



Olivia Nisbet

Model + Test Subject

My official model. She has grown up around cameras and is quite unfazed having them pointed at her.

I always know she has had enough when she announces "thats enough now mummy" and walks away like a professional model.